Sufferers of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) may experience jaw pain, radiating facial pain, recurring tension headaches, and other debilitating symptoms. These symptoms usually result from muscle tension caused by your misaligned jaw joint. You might consider the use of Botox ® as an effective treatment option to alleviate your symptoms.

Botox ® is a versatile prescription injection largely marketed as a cosmetic injectable for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This injectable also helps people manage pain caused by chronic conditions. If you suffer from TMJ, Botox ® can help relieve your pain.

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Why Botox ®?

TMJ is a painful disorder of your jaw joint that commonly occurs when something, such as arthritis or a bad bite, causes your jaw to become misaligned. Your jaw muscles try to compensate for the misalignment. The resulting muscle tension puts unnecessary pressure on the nerves in your face and head. This pressure often causes radiating pain, tinnitus (phantom ringing in your ears), and tension headaches. Tension in your jaw muscles can also pull your vertebrae and shoulders out of alignment, causing far away symptoms that you might not even realize are related.

Treating Your TMJ Pain

Woman with pain in her jaw could get relief from BotoxEvery case of TMJ is different. Dr. Kevin Berry bases your treatment on a thorough analysis of your individual pain. At the start of your treatment, Dr. Berry will combine the latest technology with his extensive training to assess where your pain comes from and determine the ideal position of your jaw. He uses this data to create a treatment plan based on your unique needs in order to help you live pain-free.

After determining which muscles cause your symptoms, Dr. Berry combines his deep understanding of the complex systems of your face with his training in administering Botox for TMJ to target these specific muscles and treat your TMJ symptoms.

The FDA-approved approved Botox ® serum, made from refined botulinum toxin, allows target muscles to relax. By relaxing these muscles, Dr. Berry can treat your pain at the source.

Botox ® may be administered alongside other non-surgical TMJ treatments in order to not only relieve your pain, but also to prevent future pain by correcting the misalignment of your jaw. If you suffer from facial pain and headaches caused by TMJ-related muscle tension, you could benefit from Botox ® treatment.

Is Botox for TMJ Safe?

Botox ® has been approved by the FDA for use in treating multiple medical conditions. Dr. Berry is trained in the proper use of this serum in order to ensure that you receive only the best care. In the hands of a trained physician, this injectable is a safe and effective way to relieve your TMJ pain and other related symptoms. As with any medication, this treatment is not right for everyone. Dr. Berry is more than happy to help you find out if this treatment option is right for you.

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