iTero digital impressions scannerWhat Is iTero?

iTero is a digital scanner system that replaces physical impressions. Instead of biting down into a tray of impression material, we’ll literally just wave the wand over your teeth and the impressions will be made.

What Are iTero Scans Used for?

iTero scans can be used for anything traditional impressions are used for, such as orthodontics and restorations. In our practice, we use these scans mostly in the manufacture of oral appliances for sleep apnea treatment and bite splints for TMJ treatment.

Is iTero Faster Than Physical Impressions?

It can be. iTero is designed to capture a new scan every 40-50 milliseconds, with up to 20 scans taken per second. Compared to filling up trays with impression materials, biting down, waiting for the material to harden, carefully removing the tray, then doing it again on the other arch, iTero scans can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Is iTero as Accurate as Physical Impressions?

Yes! Studies have shown that digital scanners like iTero can produce scans that are about as accurate as physical impressions.

What Are the Benefits of iTero Digital Scans?

With iTero digital scans, you will enjoy:

  • Faster appointments
  • No messy trays to bite into
  • No contact with your sensitive palate
  • No gagging on trays
  • No unpleasant taste
  • No unpleasant contact with your teeth
  • Seeing the scan helps you make better decisions
  • Scans you can use for other applications
  • Scans sent directly to lab for faster results

The overall experience is better, and the results are just as good if not better. We are happy to have made the change, and all our patients are, too.

Is the iTero Wand Uncomfortable in My Mouth?

No. The new wand is very svelte. If you’ve had experience with earlier models, you should know that the new model is 40% smaller.  It’s easy to get into your mouth and maneuver around without touching sensitive areas. Unlike impression trays, though, if you are uncomfortable, we can pause for a moment and resume when you’re ready.

How Do I Schedule a Scan Appointment?

That’s easy. Just call (303) 691-0267 today and schedule an appointment with a dentist at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado.