If you are suffering with the symptoms of TMJ, you are probably eager to get relief from the headaches, jaw pain, and other problems. An oral splint is one treatment option that can provide you long-lasting relief from these symptoms, but it may take time to get full relief from all your symptoms.

Immediate Relief of Some Symptoms

Before we begin your oral splint TMJ treatment under the guidance of Dr. Kevin Berry, a board-certified orofacial pain specialist with the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, we may start with TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, a kind of electric massage. This can relax your muscles and may lead to immediate relief of some of your symptoms, including muscle tenderness and tension. It may lessen other symptoms, such as the frequency of your headaches.

Bite Splint Transitions to Full-Time Relief

When you get your oral splint and begin wearing it as recommended, you’re going to immediately notice that your symptoms begin to diminish, but they won’t vanish all at once.

The symptoms of TMJ start at your jaw and radiate outward as your body adjusts to the dysfunction in your jaw joint. It takes time for your body to readjust to your healthy bite as well.

Studies that last six weeks tend to show marked improvement, but not full relief of symptoms. By three months, all jaw problems, facial pain, and other symptoms in the head and face area tend to resolve. By six months, even far-reaching symptoms are resolved.

These are just general estimates, and our patients tend to have a wide variety of responses. Some recover more quickly, while others take longer.

For Faster Results, Start Treatment Today

You don’t have to live with TMJ pain anymore. Relief is available. All you have to do is start the process, we will do the rest.

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