The Cost of Treatment

We understand that medical care always seems to be more expensive than it should be. When you get a bite splint for TMJ or an oral appliance for sleep apnea, it can be hard to reconcile the cost of the treatment with the physical object you’re taking home. What you don’t see is that the small piece of plastic and metal is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to what your fees cover, including research and development, testing and approval, as well as the time for the dentist to train to diagnose TMJ and sleep apnea and determine the best treatment option for you.

We are committed to keeping costs low while keeping treatment quality high. We promise that we work hard to control costs and try to find ways to save money so that we can pass those savings on to you. The cost of TMJ or sleep apnea treatment is a reasonable and fair one for the quality of service and the product that we deliver.

Insurance Coverage for TMJ Treatment

Insurance coverage for TMJ treatment is erratic. It depends heavily on the state you are in and the insurance company you have. In Colorado, insurance companies are not required to cover TMJ, so your insurance company may or may not offer coverage.

If your insurance company offers TMJ coverage, there are many things that could be covered, but we will have to determine whether your insurance will cover a bite splint or other related treatments. We can help you file a claim and will ask only for your estimated copay at the time of treatment.

If your copay turns out to be more than estimated, you are still responsible for the full amount of your copay.

Insurance Coverage for Sleep Apnea Treatment

When it comes to sleep apnea, insurance coverage is more regular. Most insurance companies recognize the contribution of sleep apnea to serious health conditions, and will cover both CPAP and oral appliance therapy. However, they may not cover all types of oral appliances.

Insurance companies will not usually cover snoring appliances.

We will help you file your insurance claim and will help you maximize coverage, and will expect only payment of your estimated copay at the time of treatment. If your insurance company does not fulfill their obligations as estimated, you will have to cover the difference.

Direct Payment for Treatment

If you are unable to get insurance coverage for your TMJ or sleep apnea treatment, we accept many kinds of payments for treatment. Cash, check, and credit card are all good options.

Financing TMJ and Sleep Apnea Treatment

CareCredit logoIf you cannot currently afford TMJ treatment, we offer convenient financing through CareCredit. Because TMJ treatment is progressive and sleep apnea can significantly increase your medical expenses, financing treatment will generally save you money overall—not to mention preserve your health.

In addition, CareCredit offers good payment terms that are very convenient and inexpensive. In fact, depending on your treatment, you may be able to get financing for 6,12, 24 months or more completely interest free. Payment plans of up to 60 months are also available, which can divide your cost of treatment into manageable pieces.

If you would like to learn more about your payment options, please call (303) 691-0267 for an appointment at the TMJ Therapy and Sleep Center of Colorado.