A Highly Trained Sleep Dentist

Dr. Kevin Berry is among the country’s most highly trained sleep dentists, and his commitment to ongoing education means he will stay that way. The list of training institutions and professional organizations below gives you an idea of his dedication to ongoing training and professional ethics.

Dr. Berry’s in-depth knowledge of TMJ is crucial, as many sleep apnea patients also suffer from TMJ. This dual expertise ensures comprehensive treatment. People with sleep apnea often have TMJ, which can provide sleep apnea treatment challenges. Of course, oral appliance therapy can be difficult for people with sleep apnea, but even CPAP can cause TMJ-related complications. 

When to See Dr. Berry about Sleep Apnea

Dr. Kevin Berry, Denver Sleep Apnea and TMJ dentistDr. Berry’s extensive training in dental sleep apnea treatment means he can help if you:

  • Suspect sleep apnea
  • Have a prescription for CPAP but don’t want to try it
  • Struggling to adapt to CPAP
  • Seeking a treatment alternative for travel and outdoor activities
  • Previously tried oral appliance therapy without success

If you show sleep apnea symptoms, Dr. Berry can facilitate a home sleep test, allowing you to get diagnosed in the comfort of your bed.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, most doctors will prescribe CPAP. However, many patients don’t want to try this uncomfortable and inconvenient treatment. The good news is that oral appliance therapy is a frontline treatment for people with mild to moderate sleep apnea. For those diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy is a primary treatment option, and most insurance plans will cover the cost, even if you haven’t tried CPAP. Dr. Berry can review your case and help you understand when oral appliance therapy might work for you.

About half of all people prescribed CPAP can’t adapt to using it long-term. You can get an alternative treatment if that’s the case for you. Dr. Berry has helped many people sleep well after they couldn’t adapt to CPAP.

Many people live in Denver because it’s close to hiking, camping, and other activities in the Rocky Mountains. It’s hard to utilize CPAP when spending a night out under the stars, but Dr. Berry can fit you with an oral appliance that’s a perfect backup treatment.

Dr. Berry has helped many people who didn’t get good results from their initial oral appliance. Often, Dr. Berry can give you a more comfortable and practical oral appliance.

See Dr. Berry for Sleep Apnea Treatment in Denver

If you’re looking for a highly educated, compassionate, and dedicated sleep dentist in Denver, you should consider Dr. Kevin Berry. With decades of experience delivering excellent results, he is prepared to help you get your sleep apnea treated without CPAP.

Please call (303) 691-0267 or use our online form today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Berry at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado.