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Can a Neuromuscular Dentist Solve Your Problems?

Physicians and dentists are alike in numerous ways. Both health professionals are available to ensure that you are healthy and when your health is less than perfect these people are the ones you go to for diagnosis and treatment. Dentists and physicians are also similar in the fact that in both professions there are areas in which a doctor can focus his/her studies and focus his/her practice on that area. Just like a cardiologist has focused his practice in heart related conditions and the surrounding treatments, a neuromuscular dentist has focused knowledge and experience in caring for the entire dental area with emphasis on the jaw and mouth structure. A dentist practicing neuromuscular dentistry in Denver such as Dr. Berry knows that our dental health plays a large role in the health of our bodies. When the bite (technically referred to as occlusion) is misaligned, the rest of the body is impacted as well. Malocclusion, or an imbalance within the bite, is known as TMJ Disorder or TMD for short.

When it comes to neuromuscular dentistry in Denver, the health and position of your jaw is most important. If your jaw is not in its ideal spot, you will more than likely suffer from a wide range of symptoms. Neuromuscular dental symptoms differ from person to person though the most commonly experienced ones include:

During your first consultation Dr. Berry will ask a lot of questions to get a good idea of what you’ve been experiencing, for how long, and if in fact it may be due to a neuromuscular disorder. Of course to ensure the true cause of the problem he will utilize advanced dental technology such as the TENS. With a diagnosis at hand Dr. Berry will be able to provide you with the TMJ treatment you require. TMJ treatment varies by patient though the most common treatment types include a bite splint, oral appliances, and others. He will work with you to customize your treatment to ensure your symptoms are history.

Make This the Day You Take Action

Do you need the help of a neuromuscular dentist in the Denver area? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to find relief from your constant jaw pain, headaches, and other possible TMJ-related symptoms?
  • Is your significant other about to kick you out of the house because of your snoring?
  • Are you ready to throw your CPAP machine across the room at night?
  • Are you interested in a mouthguard that not only protects your teeth but also boosts your performance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call Denver neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Kevin Berry at (303) 691-0267.

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