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Denver Tinnitus

Dr. Berry Treats TMJ-Related Tinnitus

Patients all over Denver unknowingly suffer from TMJ disorder. This is usually because the symptoms of the disorder, though painful, are generally not enough to push a patient to make a visit to a dentist, at least not right away. However, if you are experiencing frequent or constant ringing in the ears in Denver, you may be suffering from TMJ Disorder. While this symptom of TMD is more of a nuisance than it is painful, there is still no need for anyone to deal with tinnitus, let alone leave it untreated for a long period of time.

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How Does TMD Cause Tinnitus?

Before you can understand how TMD causes tinnitus, you’ll need to know what causes TMD. TMJ Disorder occurs when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is misaligned due to an imbalanced bite.

In some patients, the misalignment (and in extreme cases, occasional, temporary dislocation of the jaw joint) can cause surrounding nerves such as the chorda tympani as well as blood vessels that feed the various parts of the ear to become pinched. This can lead to dizziness, tinnitus, and even headaches.

Hang Up on Your Ringing in the Ears

Ready to crack down on your tinnitus problem? Dr. Berry has the diagnostic equipment and training to assess whether or not it is likely to be caused by TMJ Disorder for you, and if it is, he has the proper means to treat it. Call our Denver office to make an appointment at (303) 691-0267. You may also contact our office online. Don’t let it cause you anymore frustration; have it treated today.