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Millennials Get More Physical Therapy for TMJ


If you’ve heard about millennials in the news lately, it’s probably because someone is claiming that they’re killing something. From department stores to golf, millennials have even been pinned with the cold-blooded murder of lunch. But while millennials aren’t spending their spare time destroying important American industries like napkins, they’re experiencing unprecedented levels of mental […]

What To Expect From a Sleep Study

Sleep study

Have you been snoring, experiencing daytime fatigue and focus problems, or even just waking with the feeling that you didn’t sleep well? These could be signs of a sleep disorder. If you’ve been experiencing , it may be time to have a sleep study done. Your doctor can refer you to a sleep lab, where […]

What Makes Up a TMJ Self-Management Program?

Woman having jaw pain

is a complex and painful condition that above all requires treatment by experienced medical professionals like TMJ dentist . But not all takes place at the dentist’s office — some of it has to take place at home. An effective TMJ self-management program isn’t meant to cure TMJ or function as treatment on its own. […]

Sleep Apnea Is Killing Kids’ Brain Cells

Child with Sleep Apnea Awake on a Bed

Far from a simple snoring problem, has been proven again and again to be incredibly dangerous. This sleep breathing disorder doesn’t just impact daily quality of life, but increases your risk of premature death by . Untreated sleep apnea puts you at heightened risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, depression, and even heart disease […]

Dizzy? It Could Be TMJ

Woman sitting down, feeling dizzy

When it comes to the most complicated systems in the body, the inner ear is towards the top of the list. This complex, fragile system is instrumental not just in detecting sound, but also in your sense of balance and spatial orientation. And when something is “off” about your inner ear, it can be very […]

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