The term “Movement disorders” describes a wide array of neurological disorders that plague children and adults throughout the country. These disorders cause sufferers to have difficulty walking, talking, and performing all sorts of tasks that others take for granted. They can also cause tremors, facial tics and terrible stutters, while causing some to lose the use of extremities altogether. If you suffer from a movement disorder, Dr. Kevin Berry can help you regain some of the quality of life that you may have lost. Please call (303) 691-0267 or Contact Us today to learn more.

A diagram fo a body and different joints that can cause movement disorders

Dr. Berry can treat the symptoms of a variety of movement disorders, including:

Treatment of Movement Disorder Symptoms

Our treatment of movement disorder symptoms involves oral appliances that are fitted to your upper and/or lower teeth. These oral appliances reposition the jaw to alleviate pressure on nerves and blood vessels that connect to the brain and reduce or eliminate symptoms in many patients.

During your first visit to our Denver office, Dr. Berry assesses your bite and determines the best way to reposition it. An impression of your teeth is then taken and sent out to our lab to begin construction on your new appliance.

Follow-up appointments are required to fine-tune the positioning by adjusting your appliance to maximize the relief of your symptoms.

You may find that your ability to walk with a stable gate returns, or your facial tics subside. Some patients have reported signs of improvement within seconds of wearing their new appliance, allowing them to feel better instantly.

If you have been previously diagnosed with a movement disorder, such as Parkinson’s Disease or Tourette Syndrome, we may be able to help you improve your quality of life. Call (303) 691-0267 or email our office in Denver today to schedule an appointment.